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Family Involvement Opportunities

Event Planning

Event planning is a great opportunity for family members who are not available during the day to be involved. We keep most meetings to a minimum (none are required) and we communicate our discussions through email.

Event Planning has a need for everything! Your involvement may be a variety of what works best for you. The needs range from planning, making phone calls, gathering donations or materials, to doing research and more!

Events we plan include: Harvest Homecoming, Scholastic Book Fairs, Family Nights, Winter Gifting, Spring Family Picnic, and Celebration for Education.

PIP Workshop Meals

PIP Workshop Meals is a committee of parents who help support Community Montessori staff on days when they may be at school all day without a break. If you are a parent who likes to cook or who is not able to in come during the school day, this committee is for you. 

We do this on the first Tuesday of every month, Parent Partner Days and Family work nights. All your time and commitment is counted toward your involvement hours.

For more information please visit the PIP Workshop page.

Studio Support

A Support Coordinator is a contact parent for their studio. They assist their studios in finding volunteers, materials and anything else as needs arise. This opportunity is for anyone who wants to be involved in the studios and is able to email and make phone calls.

You may also participate by helping your studio’s Support Coordinator to fill the needs of your studio as they arise.

Family Fundraising

Family Fundraising is an area everyone can be involved in with little or no effort. For more information on all of these please click here.

From Community Montessori Family Handbook 2007.