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The PIP Workshop Meals is a great committee for working parents or anyone who likes to cook!  To show how much we appreciate the staff at Community Montessori, we provide food and snacks for them on days when they have to work long hours, like PIP Workshop nights and Parent Partner Conference days.

Like last year, we will be providing pot luck or buffet style dinner food for the staff on the first Tuesday of every month (also known as a PIP Workshop night).  This is a staff meeting day, as well, and most of the staff are at school from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

We also provide a snack for staff Parent Partner Conference days and Child’s Work/Family Exploration Nights.  These are small snacks that can left out through the day so staff can grab a bite when they have the time. 

Things to Know:

All meals will be set up in the Media Center again this year.  There will be a sign in sheet on the counter.  Put your name, dish description and location (fridge or counter) as well as any instructions. This sign in sheet will help the people setting up know what food needs to be set out. If there is no room in the refrigerator you can put it in The Pantry (new kitchen) which is right across the commons from the Media Room. 

Please label everything!  There will be tape and a marker located in the PIP cabinet. The cabinet will be labeled and is located on the back wall above the microwave.  Please do not bring in your best dish.  We try our best not to lose anything, but it does happen.   Dishes can be picked up the next day on the shelves right inside the Media Center door.  

*  We have staff members who are ALLERGIC to TREE NUTS and MANGO.....please label anything that contains any form of these ingredients!!!
*  We also have many vegetarian and a few vegan staff members, so we are always looking for excellent dishes to meet these restrictions.  Please label vegetarian or vegan dishes.   
*  For PIP Workshops, we need 2 people to set up at 3:30.  Staff usually begins eating very promptly around 4:00.  We also need 2 people for clean up at 6:00.
*  Don't forget to log all of your volunteer hours! 


You may reach us by email



Staff members enjoying breakfast provided at the beginning of Staff Appreciation Week!


Giving flowers to staff members on the 2nd day of Staff Appreciation Week.