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Studio Support

A Support Coordinator is a contact parent for their studio. They assist their studios in finding volunteers, materials and anything else as needs arise. This opportunity is for anyone who wants to be involved in the studios and is able to email and make phone calls.

You may also participate by helping your studio’s Support Coordinator to fill the needs of your studio as they arise.

Studio Wish Lists


Quatrefoil Studio
Lisa Mascio-Thompson

Trapezoid Studio
Monica Romney

Pentagon Studio

Ashley Gerhauser

Rainforest Studio

Kim Reinhart

Ocean Studio

Tracy Pickman-Yates

Desert Studio

Miranda Hoffman

Tundra Studio

Brandy Worster

Amethyst Studio

Sasha Faulstick

Sapphire Studio

Rachel Masterson

Diamond Studio

Christina Black

Tsunami Studio

Mandy Howard

Typhoon Studio

Tracy Ward

Monsoon Studio

Betty Kristler

Oak Studio

Barb Lutz

Cypress Studio

Julie Toner

Sequoia Studio

Carol James