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As parents we like the fact that we are not asked to sell candles, wrapping paper or magazines every year. But there are a few fundraisers we participate in and every little bit helps!


A grant program has been developed for the studios that will support our learners in many ways. A portion of the money raised through Family Fundraising will fund this program. With the help of our families, we can do amazing things!


Next time you wonder why you need that new T-shirt or more raffle tickets – remember that a portion of it will directly benefit our learners!


Your check made out to PIP is helping form our school.


PIP fundraisers include but are not limited to Book Fair, Fall and Spring T-shirts and sweatshirts, Placemats, Celebration for Education and Family Fundraising. 



2010-2011 Awarded Grants

  • Sequoia Studio books

  • Greenhouse for teens

  • Tundra Montgomery Farms   trip

  • Tsunami movie trip

  • Amethyst YMCA trip

  • Rainforest Science Center trip

  • Ocean Marengo Cave trip

  • Tsunami Skiing trip to Paoli

  • Sapphire Science Center trip

  • Diamond Studio iPad

  • Trapezoid trip to the zoo

Grants Awarded in Previous Years:

  • Desert & Diamond Studio's going out trip to Louisville Ballet's performance of The Nutcracker.
  • Sapphire's Silly Safari presentation
  • Early Education picnic tables
  • Oak & Tsunami handwork art activity during camping trip.
  • Ocean's going out trip to Cornucopia.
  • Teen Program lab materials for intro to bio, biology, and chemistry.
  • Typhoon Studio's books (A Raisin in the Sun and Eight Theories of Ethics)
  • Rainforest going out trip to Hubers Petting Zoo and Orchard
  • Diamond Studio's hosting of a chef to teach the students how to prepare a meal from Asia.

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