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What is Celebration For Education?

Last year we held our first Celebration for Education, themed “Spring Fling”.  This inspiration for this event came from parents who said they would enjoy getting together with each other to socialize.  Just for fun, we decided to throw in some fundraising along with it.


WAIT!!  I know you see the word fundraising and you run for the hills, but that is not the primary focus of this event.  The fact that it helps our children continue to learn and grow in the Dream School is just an added bonus!  What it’s really about is nurturing our school ‘community’ by allowing us to get together on a fun and informal basis.


This year’s Celebration for Education is themed “A Decade of Dreams” in recognition of the school’s 10 year anniversary.  The school was built on a dream, and as we conclude our 10th year with the completion of the Dream School, we felt the theme was a perfect fit.  The Grand in downtown New Albany has graciously donated their facility to us for the evening and we will again have a DJ, a raffle and silent auction, and some other surprises!                                      


Still with me? Good!  We need your help (yes, you!).


Our first goal for Celebration for Education is to get a total of 200 plus families to attend – all we’re asking you to do is come!  Invitations will be sent in January for the March 1st event. Feel free to invite your family and friends to come with you. There will be additional invitations available at the curved desk for you to pick up and give to your friends.


Do you own a business or know someone, donate something. Do you need a request letter? pick one up from the PIP Book at the cupola. All donations are tax deductible!


Do you enjoy working with children and have completed the Parent/Volunteer Workshop, help us with seminars assisting our learners in making items to raffle.


Are you going tell me you have plans that night (really - we announced the date a year ago!) and you can not attend, consider buying a ticket to give to your child’s teacher, or donate a ticket –or a whole table- to a family who can’t afford it but would like to attend.


Ok, I am sure you get the picture. If not call me, stop me, email me! I can show you the picture; it’s the one hanging on wall or in your wallet - it’s your child!  It’s the building you drive to daily and dread car line for. It’s about the dream of a school that started 10 years ago and next year will be complete and home to us all.